Our learning resources are organised by career pathways – making them relevant, practical, and easy-to-use.

We make it easy, cost-effective, and relevant to a students’ chosen career pathway. Unit standards can be achieved by either ordering as individual and combination packages, booking one of our Great Success workshops or getting us to find the work placement for you in subject areas Retail, Baking and Butchery – preparing and getting students with the exact knowledge and experience they need for success in their chosen career.

Each unit standard resource or packages include:

  • Learning material
  • Assessment (practical and sometimes theory)

With help from their gateway coordinator and workplace supervisor, manager, or employer – our unit resources are designed so that students can work at their own pace. Our registered assessors at Skills4Work will mark the students’ completed assessments before returning the marked assessments and result to you for registration with NZQA.

Whether for STAR or Gateway, our extensive list of learning resources covers a number of subject areas and can be ordered easily when needed. Just complete our MOU below and send it in with your order, its that easy.

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Discover your potential pathway below ↓

All career pathways

Click one of the vocational pathways below to learn what it would be like to work in that particular industry, the key skills required, and what areas you could specialise in as you cultivate that career.

While these learning resources can be ordered as individual or combined unit standards, they can also be incorporated into a Great Success Workshop – for more information, get in touch anytime.

Retail & Sales

Prepare for a career in customer service, marketing or sales by building customer-centric skills and abilities.

Mechanical Engineering

This course will lay the foundations as you develop the practical problem-solving skills essential for a career in mechanics or engineering.

Food & Hospitality

Whether you're interested in hotel management or food preparation – our course in Food & Hospitality course will teach fundamental skills for a rewarding career in this fast-paced industry.


From boning carcasses to presenting the perfect cut – our Butchery courses are the first step in discovering whether a Butchery Apprenticeship is for you.


If you like early mornings and enjoy working in a team – gain Bakery gateway credits now in preparation for a Bakery Apprenticeship in the future.

Baking Essentials & The Workplace

If you're set on a career in Bakery, gain credits with Baking Essentials for the Workplace in preparation for your Bakery Apprenticeship.


We help facilitate workplace experience too.

If you’re a School Coordinator looking to give your students an opportunity to build their confidence, prepare for a work placement or simply start thinking about their career – our Great Success Workshop is the perfect place to start.


How we work today shapes how we work tomorrow.

That’s why we’re passionate about designing customised training solutions. Discover the wide variety of courses we offer below, and how we can customise our programmes and resources to suit your needs.

Whether you’re a company looking to nurture and advance your team, or an individual looking for flexible learning options – our aim is to train for the future.

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