Skills4Work Short Courses

Skills4Work offers short courses in a wide range of areas. These can be run specifically for your business, alternatively we regularly offer short courses that are open to the public.

Short Courses for your Business:

  • Courses are designed to be flexible and meet your business needs
  • Can be delivered as Workshops, Distance learning or a combination of both
  • We offer mentoring and coaching support to your learners
  • Customised non-unit standard based programmes
  • Minimum numbers are required to run customised short courses for your business, please contact us to find out more or have a look below at some of our Short Courses we offer.

Short Courses

Availability can change due to demand, please click here or phone us on 0800 275 455 to find out more about any of our short courses listed here.

Workplace Communication Programmes

Our Workplace Communication programme develops the essential skills needed to cope with change and the demands of the workplace, future learning and everyday life.

Maintenance Excellence: Planning & Scheduling

Planners & Schedulers in New Zealand receive little more than on-the-job training – this course teaches world-class work management skills and strategies to improve productivity and job satisfaction.

Maintenance Excellence: Maintenance & Reliability

To stay ahead in a fast-paced industry, it’s crucial that our maintenance tradespeople are equipped with the knowledge to work smarter – not harder.

Maintenance Excellence: Maintenance Best Practice

Implementing maintenance best practice starts by understanding of what best practice really is, how to apply it, and why maintaining it is worth it.

Workplace Skills

Increase your employability with the skills that employers consider essential in any workplace.

Food Safety

Our Food Safety Certificate covers best food safety and handling practices in New Zealand.

Sale of Liquor for Managers

Learn and become competent in the Sale of Liquor.

Care & Maintenance of Knives

Our Care & Maintenance of Knives short courses will increase safety among your staff and productivity at your business through improved knife safety practices.

Assessor (4098) Course

Our 1-day Assessor Course awards successful participants the necessary qualification to evaluate the performance of learners, school students or staff.



With Skills4Work, you can grow the skills within your company, harness the potential of your staff, and take your business and productivity to new heights!

The thing is, when you invest into training for your staff, you’re investing into the future of your business. In fact, companies who do invest in training for their employees not only outperform those that don’t, but they have much better staff retention rates too.


How we work today shapes how we work tomorrow.

That’s why we’re passionate about designing customised training solutions. Discover the wide variety of courses we offer below, and how we can customise our programmes and resources to suit your needs.

Whether you’re a company looking to nurture and advance your team, or an individual looking for flexible learning options – our aim is to train for the future.

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