Work Placements

We provide students interested in Butchery, Bakery or Retail as a career with the resources they need to fast track into their chosen career path.

Our Work Placement programmes have resulted in students receiving not only their qualifications, but in many cases part-time jobs and even apprenticeships.

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Great Success Workshops

Our Great Success workshops not only coordinate gateway placements for your students – we prepare them for success by equipping them with the interpersonal skills they need to make the most of their placement.

While students get excited about career options and earn credits along the way, employers may even meet a future employee…

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Career Pathways

Skills4Work offers learning resources for 100 unit standards across a wide range of industries.

From baking to banking, business to butchery – order individual or combination unit resources for students in school or on a work placement – as and when you need them.

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Choosing a career can be easy-as… or not!

No matter where your students see themselves in relation to their career, our aim at is to provide young people with the skills, confidence and knowledge to help them figure out what they want to do.

A successful career doesn’t always follow a linear process, but it does begin by empowering our rangatahi with the best opportunities and information available.

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Learning & growing all ‘round Aotearoa

We’ve got hundreds of secondary school students learning, working and earning credits from work experience throughout New Zealand, with hundreds more having made an informed decision about their future after utilising our Career Pathways – Distance Learning options or participating in a Great Success Workshop or Work Placement.

Whether you’re an employer or Gateway Coordinator looking to support a young person in navigating their career, Skills4Work is your one-stop shop when it comes to training our young people for the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you run Great Success Workshops?

While we require a minimum of 10 days to coordinate our Great Success Workshop,  we can deliver at any time or day of the week that suits your students and your school. Depending on what content you’d like to cover, this workshop can be run across 1, 2 or 3 days.

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I don't want to purchase all course material at once in case my students realise its not for them. Can you help?

Fortunately, our individual unit standards can be purchased individually so that you can expose your students to a wide range of career opportunities.

Can you take care of assessment and marking?

Not only do we connect schools and your students with resources, training and work placements – we also take care of all your assessment marking.


Committed to empowering our rangatahi.

Our Gateway material covers a wide range of careers and industries.

As an NZQA accredited provider, students can gain credits during any Skills4Work-facilitated work experience while they’re still at school – increasing their opportunities and confidence as they discover the right career for them.

Discover all career pathways

We’re always looking for employers.

If you would like to offer students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in your workplace, simply contact your local school and ask their Gateway Co-ordinator to connect you with our Gateway Programme: Great Success.

As well as helping a young person navigate their career, your organisation might find the perfect candidate, too.

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