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Companies who invest in training for their employees have higher staff retention rates. They also consistently outperform companies that don’t, so why wouldn’t you prioritise professional development opportunities for your people?

Make ongoing training a part of your company culture with our cost-effective, flexible and successful workplace training programmes. We understand that every business is different, which is why we tailor our training programmes to suit your company’s requirements.

Whether it’s the course content itself, teaching delivery styles or locations (our site or yours, online or distance), Skills4Work workplace training will not only decrease the rate of accidents and errors but build the confidence, abilities and job satisfaction of your team, too.


Assessor (4098) Course

As their employer, you are responsible for ensuring that your staff are not only trained, but competent when it comes to assessing standard operating procedures and internal processes against industry standards. Our 1-day Assessor Training can be delivered on site and use your companies own documentation and paperwork – making the transition from learning to application not only efficient but relevant, easy and familiar.

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Our Workplace Communication Programmes

Our Workplace Communication programmes develop the essential skills needed to cope with change and the demands of the workplace and everyday life.

With a focus on improving company culture, business operations as well as health and food safety – our Workplace Communication programmes are designed to enable you to engage with your staff as everyone learns and grows together as a team.



Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you run training programmes?

Skills4Work courses run all year long.

Depending on the course you’re interested in and how many staff you’re looking to upskill, we can tailor a training programme to meet your needs at a time that best suits.

What if I train my staff and they leave?

We hear this question a lot. Our response is to ask yourself – what if you don’t train them, and your staff stay?

Investing in your team by giving them opportunities to develop their skills, confidence and grow as people is the key to success in every business.

I need to upskill my team, but we can't take them out of work for a full day of training.

Fortunately, we can come to you! Our courses are designed to cover maximum learning in a minimum time.

We can even integrate learning opportunities and outcomes onsite at your workplace, to reduce the time your team spends away from work.


Lets tailor your training

Whether it’s the delivery time, days or what material you choose to include in your training  – our programmes are customisable and ready to adapt to your unique business needs.

Tell us what you need

Looking for talent?

We’re constantly connecting with talented learners who are passionate about becoming Butchers or Bakers. If you’re looking for that perfect person, list a job with Skills4Work, or get in touch anytime.

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