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Financial Literacy

Can your employees manage their money?

Our Financial Literacy Programme is designed to develop a financially literate person who has the ability to make informed judgments and effective decisions regarding the use and management of money.

The workplace is an excellent place for financial education because it is where we earn the money we need to support our family and lifestyle in the long term.  


During the four interactive workshops participants will learn about and understand the values and attitudes people have towards money.  They will learn about how money works and be taught to use tools that will help with the management of their financial situation.

Although Skills4Work will not give financial advice, participants will be shown how to access avenues of assistance and websites during the workshops.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Set financial goals
  • Understand the difference between a want and a need
  • Manage and understand the cost of debt
  • Understand interest and what it means when borrowing and saving
  • Keep basic, accurate and realistic financial records
  • Appreciate the benefits of saving
  • Understand the concept of budgeting

Workshops can be delivered on-site at your business or at our Skills4Work training facility.

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What learners say about the programme:

"It broadened my outlook on budgeting, savings, investments, my wants and needs ... we were lucky to have the people to teach us the skills and people to contact and keep in touch, to talk afterwards."
Erwin Stihecz, Foodstuffs Auckland

"I got more confidence to learn about what I want and what I need.  Before I didn't believe in savings or know about interest ... happier at work, less stress, 'cause now I have savings."
Rosie Mafileo, Foodstuffs

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