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Health and Safety and Food Safety

Distance Learning – the cost effective way to train employees and meet your compliance obligations.

Health and Safety (HSWA 2015) and Food Safety courses and training:

Skills4Work offers a wide range of health and safety and food safety courses and training:

  • NZ Workplace Health and Safety – New HSWA 2015 (unit 497)
  • NZ Food Safety Handling certificate for council compliance (units 167 & 20666 and/or168)

Why choose Skills4Work distance learning?

Skills4Work allows your employees to learn the skills and gain the knowledge they need to comply with workplace health and safety:

  • Easy paper based format for staff to complete, no need for a computer
  • All course work, marking and awarding is provided by S4W
  • Distance learning keeps costs down – from $85 per employee, 10% discount available when you enrol 5 or more employees
  • Relevant training of your employees ensures your business meets compliance obligations

How does Distance Learning work?

We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs:

  1. Employees work through the resources independently which are then returned to S4W for marking and awarding
  2. Use S4W resources to train and asses employees in-house with your own facilitator
Enrolled employees are fully supported throughout the course by phone and email. If they have questions they can contact Skills4Work on 0800 275 455 or email

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