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What is C-Direct?

C-Direct is an online, real-time training database allowing Skills4Work training partners the ability to view information about the training activities within their workplace.

What can C-Direct do for my business?

Full Trainee Information

C-Direct allows you to access Skills4Work training information about your staff, for example:

  • Current Training Agreements
  • Certificates Completed
  • Records of Learning
  • Progress-to-Date reports
  • Training summary for your organisation

Easy Access to Assessment Information

C- Direct collects detailed information on Assessors, for example:

  • Registration number
  • Scope allocation
  • Assessments completed to date

Easy to Use

C-Direct has been designed with a user friendly interface so you can access information quickly

24 Hour Access

C-Direct will give you access to real-time training data, anytime convenient to you

Easy Reporting Functionality

C-Direct allows you to run a number of reports at a time convenient to you

Cost Savings

C-Direct helps save your company time and money by allowing you to view your trainees achievement records that are held with Skills4Work

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