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Appeals Procedure

If there is any reason a Skills4Work stakeholder is dissatisfied with the outcome of an investigation into a complaint, they can access the Appeals Process. This process allows the decision to be moderated by a higher authority providing an impartial viewpoint.

The Appeals Process

The Appeals Process can be accessed if you:

  • have been assessed by your workplace assessor and you disagree with the outcome
  • wish to appeal regarding an issue relating to moderation or accreditation
  • wish to appeal any other matter over which Skills4Work has control and that he or she considers to require moderation to be resolved

The process is as follows:

  • Is the issue regarding your workplace assessor's decision? If yes, please follow the following. If no, please go to the second bullet point.
    • in the first instance take it up with them; an internal workplace appeal policy and procedure will apply
    • If you are still dissatisfied having taken up the matter with the workplace assessor you may appeal to Skills4Work
  • All appeals should be made in writing immediately upon receipt of the advice of the decision that you wish to contest.
  • An appeal may be lodged electronically through the Skills4Work Contact Us Form
  • The statement must contain a clear outline of the grounds for the appeal, supporting documentation, and copies of any correspondence concerning the complaint.
  • If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome following the review, you may appeal to Skills4Work, who will forward this to the relevant authority, who shall be the final point of appeal.
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