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Workplace Literacy

About Workplace Literacy Programme

What is Workplace Literacy?

Workplace Literacy develops essential skills needed to cope with change and the demands of the workplace, future learning and everyday life.

Our PLUGGED IN programmes are customised and run in the workplace. Content is designed to suit business and individual needs and can include:

  • Communication Development
  • Health and Safety Awareness
  • Sustainable Workplace Systems – Lean thinking
  • Team Leadership
  • Employee Well Being - Financial Literacy
  • Digital Literacy
  • Higher standards of customer service

Benefits of a Workplace Literacy Programme include:

  • increased confidence - staff contribute more actively in meetings, suggest improvements or report issues in more detail
  • increased critical thinking and decision making skills as staff are better able to plan, organise and communicate their ideas and needs
  • a positive spinoff for businesses with error reduction, less reworks, decreased absenteeism, decrease in workplace accidents
  • Staff contribute more to the wider community and family life

Celebrating successes at Wallace Corporation

What’s in it for our business:

“… all attendees have shown markedly increased levels of participation and general engagement in their work"

Dave Brown, Production Manager, Wickliffe NZ

“I have certainly noticed some great improvements, particularly when it comes to communication in group situations …”

AnnMarie Biss, Contact Centre Manager, Slingshot

Cost and Time for Training

  • Programmes are flexible with delivery times and days to suit your business
  • Programmes are customised and relevant to suit business needs
  • Training groups are small to minimise the impact on productivity and increase learning

Why Workplace Literacy?

It improves morale and helps staff to cope with rapidly changing workplace systems. Workplace Literacy helps to lay the foundation for other training and development at work increasing both economic and social opportunities for staff.

“What if I train them and they leave” well, “what if you don’t and they stay”

Management and staff sharing success stories at J&R Contractors

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