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Skills4Work Limited trading as Skills4Work is a training and workforce solutions organisation with the goal of assisting individuals and NZ businesses to lift their skills and productivity.

We work as our customers’ leading partner for workforce skill development and productivity through best practice training in workplace skills linked to industry qualifications.

Skills4Work recognises that businesses of all sizes need assistance with training and other related challenges, such as recruitment, retention and workplace safety.

Skills4Work is not limited to particular industries and has the flexibility and capability to provide many programmes to a wide range of sectors. The focus of Skills4Work is to partner with businesses in providing effective training and workforce solutions so they see quantifiable productivity improvement for their business and staff.

Individuals can improve their work and life through the skills they learn by participating in the services provided by Skills4Work. Enjoying better job satisfaction, doing things better, and seeing greater career opportunities are just some of the lifetime benefits that can be gained.

Training Programmes

Skills4Work offer our customers customised workplace training programmes in a wide range of areas including:

  • Literacy & Numeracy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Butchery
  • Baking
  • Sale Of Liquor
  • Assessor Training

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Maintenance Excellence

Specialist training in Maintenance Excellence enables senior managers and employees to adopt a proactive and planned approach to maintaining machinery and equipment, ultimately reducing unplanned downtime and extending the life of machinery and equipment.

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