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About our Training

Skills4Work Limited trading as Skills4Work offers flexible, cost effective workplace training solutions for a range of unit standards in national qualifications, training programmes, short courses and topic specific learning.

As a NZQA registered accredited training provider we can offer:

  • NZQA qualifications and individual unit standard programmes to train for identified skill gaps, and to recognise existing competencies in staff
  • Non NZQA short courses to cover specific areas of business improvement, resulting in behavioural and practical skills changes

Customised Workplace Training:

  • All training programmes can be tailored to your company's requirements giving your learners training content and examples that are familiar to their job.
  • We offer a variety of delivery styles that are flexible and adaptable to fit your working environment.
  • Our ability to deliver short courses at any location allows us to train at your workplace (if you wish), saving you time and ensuring minimum downtime. We have an onsite dedicated Training Room at our main office in Manukauk, Auckland, if you would prefer to hold training off-site.

Our PTE delivers a product range at various levels, including:

Workplace Literacy Programmes Short Courses

Assessor Training (4098) Short Course

Sale of Liquor for Managers Short Course

  • And many more, see further offerings on our website.
  • Call us on 0800 2 Skill for more info, or email

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