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Maintenance Excellence Programme

How do you view training for your maintenance staff? Is it a waste of time or a fundamental part of maintenance improvement? The reality is that companies investing in training outperform and have much better staff retention rates than companies that don'™t.

Something that should be of concern to us all is the fact is that for many maintenance tradesmen the only formal training they receive is in the first four years of their career while they are signed in to their apprenticeship. If organisations want to reach international maintenance best practice then a structured approach is needed to maintenance training.

Skills4Work have a long & proven involvement in training engineering apprentices and are well known & trusted in the engineering sector. Through the Skills4Work Maintenance Excellence programme, staff can be taken beyond the skills taught during an apprenticeship and on to the next level.

There are three Core Papers in the Maintenance Excellence programme, each leading to a level 5 unit standard that can be used to satisfy strand elective components of the level 5 National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering or the level 5 National Certificate in Electrical Engineering (advanced trade)

Maintenance Best Practice teaches the foundation knowledge for adopting international maintenance best practice. How to structure your maintenance to improve workplace culture and increase reliability. Click here for more details

Maintenance & Reliability teaches the tools needed to take maintenance to the next level. How to monitor and analyse plant and equipment to make positive changes to your maintenance tactics. Click here for more details

Planning & Scheduling for Planners teaches new skills for existing planners. Most planners in New Zealand receive little more than rudimentary on-the-job training. This course teaches the skills needed to take work management to the next level. Click here for more details


The Skills4Work Maintenance Excellence programme has been designed
to give the skills needed to adopt world class maintenance best practice.
 This will lead to greater efficiency and productivity and give meaningful unit
standard outcomes as a stepping stone to higher qualifications.

Invest in your staff and your organisation by registering your interest in any of our Core Paper courses.

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